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Day 5 - Cravings

I had planned to post tonight on my motivation for losing weight.  That was before yesterday, when the worst part of the diet hit: cravings.

If you're not fat or have never tried to lose weight, you might think that people fail to diet because they get hungry.  That may be partially true, but in my experience, hunger can be fairly easily overcome by drinking a lot of water and eating smaller snacks throughout the day.  It's the cravings that get you.  Right now I'm craving an All-Word Double Cheeseburger from Village Inn with all you can eat Fries from Red Robin.  Followed by a brownie... from anywhere. You can't go wrong with a brownie.   Also a whole pizza, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, a milk shake and another brownie.  And that doesn't even begin to touch fast food. I'm craving all of that too.

I know from experience the cravings will go away; South Beach is designed to completely remove you from those foods for two weeks so you can go through 'detox' and get the cravings behind you.  For now I'm drinking a ton of water, sugar free drinks and eating snacks of turkey breast and low-fat cottage cheese.  You might be thinking "Doesn't drinking that much liquid make you have to pee a lot?" Good question. Yes it does. 

Another benefit of the South Beach is that, when you DO get to introduce some carbs back into your diet, having been off of all carbs for two weeks means you don't mind as much that they're the gross complex carbs.

Oh, and a side note. the scale has been hanging right around that 330 level the last couple days.  So I'll just routinely add 20 lbs to equate it to the more-than-likely correct doctor scale. 


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