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Day 1 - Method

Losing weight is hard. I mean, on paper it's pretty straight forward: you just have to burn more calories than you consume; but in real life you are constantly battling an internal struggle with yourself and your body's desire to maintain the status quo. Your closest friends will simultaneously tell you how good you're looking while offering you a piece of their delicious Oreo-lard cheese cake and make it clear they'll be offended if you don't at least have a 'small piece.' Your schedule: eating healthy takes planning and foresight whereas the dollar menu is just so convenient. In order to combat this you have to have two things: the willpower to repeatedly and consistently tell people no (including yourself and the girl scouts) and a clearly defined plan.

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently met with a weight loss specialist to discuss my weight loss and to create a plan. This discussion did discuss weight loss medications and bariatric surgery as possible additions to my strategy. I've elected to forgo them at this time due to the cost; however don't be surprised to see these crop again in a later post, especially if I hit an early plateau I'm not able to overcome.

 For the purposes of this experiment, I will be following the South Beach Diet. This is largely due to past results - I was fairly successful at losing weight on the South Beach a few years ago before I fell of the wagon (more on this later, I promise). If you're not familiar with the South Beach, it's a carb-limiting plan that includes a two week carb 'cleanse' followed by a period of limited complex carbs. If you're interested, you can probably find 12 copies of the book at your local thrift store. In practice, after the initial two weeks you basically eat in moderation and avoid sugar and white flour. And potatoes. And while, like most carb-limiting plans don't count calories; my doctor has requested that I do track, so I'll be using MyFitnessPal.

 I've also been tasked with exercising 45 minutes a day. For the couple months or so this will mainly involve riding a stationary recumbent bike in my basement, although I plan to get out and do some running in the real world as well. Tracking this with my FitBit Blaze, although the Fitbit doesn't do stationary bikes well.

Fairly simple, no?  We'll see. But with that, 1 day down.


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