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Day 37 - Weigh-in Wednesday

Mixed bag this week. Had my appointment last week with the endocrinologist. Did I say I was meeting with an endocrinologist? I had an appointment last week with an endocrinologist. Weighed in at 338, w, Jean's a hoodie and shoes. Not heavy shoes, but.. be cool. So for 1 month a loss of 12 lbs. Yes yes yes most of that is water weight. Still it made me feel good. That being said, bit of a tough week for my diet. I didn't cheat badly any single day but can't say I made it through any one day unphased.  And to make it worse I'm off the next four days with a metric ton of halloween candy left over. Is trick or treating a dying tradition? We just don't get many kids any more.Anyway, the doctor scale wasn't that far off from My Fitbit Aria scale. So I'll be using that to report my weight from now on. It tends to report a little low, but that's not the worst thing for the ego.  In the meantime, I'm still feeling great. Shirts are loose. Pants are loose and…
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Day 30 - Weigh-in Wednesday

"Wow, Chris, you've really abandoned this blog." - You.

That's fair.  I started with great gusto, telling you all about all that weight I was going to lose.  Then the last couple weeks I've been losing steam. Last week I posted like.. 12 words.  Sorry.  I guess you'll have to keep me accountable for the blog as well as the weight loss.

Anyways, Day 30. We're basically a month in.  At day 1, I envisioned his post going like this: "Hey, I worked hard this month, followed my diet and I've lost 15 pounds! Hooray for hard work! Losing weight is Easy when you make a plan and stick to it!" Ah, such innocence. How arrogant I was back then.  The bathroom scale with not-great-consistently reports higher number than when I started.

Of course, I don't really know how much weight I've lost. I didn't anticipate the trouble with the scale.  I get on it and stand as still as I can and it hovers between 320 and 355 before finally giving up and di…

Day 23 - Weigh-in Wednesday

"You're building muscle."  
That's the helpful advice you get when you're exercising trying to lose weight but not seeing any real results.  Needless to say, the scale is still not cooperating.  This is frustrating, to say the least.  When you don't see the results you think you should it's extremely easy to give up...  cheat days become easier - "It doesn't make any difference."  To combat this I've been increasing my exercise.. from 30-45 minutes to 45-60.  Hopefully by next week I've got actual results to share, and not just more muscle.

Day 18 - Misc

You may have noticed no weigh-in on Wednesday.  Mostly this was because there wasn't much to say. Scales suck.  I get on and it can't decide if I weigh 311 or 340, making it hard to figure out, from a strictly weight standpoint, how I'm doing.  May need to include a fourth scale into the mix. 

Intangibles are good though. Wore jeans today that I haven't worn for over 6 months.  Face is looking slimmer.

First real cheat tonight, I'm afraid. Mexican restaurant. I avoided the free chips and salsa. I ordered a grilled chicken meal and not the burrito stuffed with french fries I wanted, didn't even eat the Spanish rice on the side... but I did have a corn tortilla.  Glad I got that off my chest. Anyway, another short post, sorry.

Day 14 - Past Success

You may be thinking that for someone fat I'm speaking with a great deal of authority about weight loss.  This is true.  That's why this blog is about weight loss, and not weight maintenance.  I do have some experience losing weight.  In July of 2015 my sister asked me if I could be an usher at her wedding and said the five most hated words for fat dudes every where: "Just use your own suit." 

So a little context, here.  Pretty much every guy has a suit.  For funerals, weddings, interviews, etc.  They're expensive, and unless you have to wear one for work your probably don't have more than one.  Except fat guys.  Fat guys don't have suits, they have fabric reminders of the last time that suit fit. And because most of us don't have a lot of opportunity to wear a suit, we have to rent or buy a new one every time we need one, because we've put on a few pounds since the last time we wore one.

Anyway.  I needed a suit for my sisters wedding.  I didn'…

Day 10 - Weigh in Wednesday

Quick update tonight. And not because I almost forgot.  338 on the scale this morning. So 12 lbs. Yes, 12 lbs of water weight... but still. Only the hard 88 to go. Still though. 10 days, no cheating and already noticing clothes fitting a bit looser. Tomorrow, there will be a small cheat. They're providing food at work so I'll be having a whole wheat bagel. So I'm having a carb 3 days early. I would be turning it down but they often bribe us with food and they've been making a contentious attempt to have healthier options, and I feel I need to encourage this behavior, especially because I feel I'm partly the reason they're making that attempt... so yeah. Social pressure is already trying to make me fail... On the bright side I don't care for some wheat bagels so likely not habit forming.

Day 8 - Motivation

Ok. The cravings (for the most part) are gone.  Not likely forever, but I'm starting to adapt to the 'new normal.'  It was a tough weekend.  Getting through it unscathed took a combination of trusting the system, finding appropriate substitutions and focusing on why I'm trying to lose the weight.
Losing weight is hard.  I may have mentioned that.  Losing it for the wrong reason is impossible.  If you're not motivated to stay with it, you're going to fail.  Finding the 'right' reason, I think, is key, and it's going to be different for everybody.  For me, it's a combination of a few things.  The first of these is health.  I've been dealing with low testosterone my whole adult life.  It may be one of the reasons I'm packing the weight, and can make it more difficult for me to lose weight (establishing those excuses already).  When my weight is down, though, it self-corrects itself a little.  If I can get my weight down to a manageable leve…